List of Most Popular Abayas Across The Globe

List of Most Popular Abayas Across The Globe

In addition to being a fashion staple for Muslim women, the Abaya is admired for its ability to enhance the beauty of any clothing in addition to lending elegance and femininity to the wearer. The turn of the 21st century made a rise in Nida Fabric Abaya designers making the robe-like clothing famous and also making it possible for women to experiment more with designs and fabrics. Here is a list of some of the most popular abaya designs that you can include in your wardrobe:

  1. Basic black

Nida Fabric Black Abaya continues to work like a charm for many women looking for a new abaya. Since black can easily go along with a number of colors, it is easy to mix and match black abayas with a variety of hijabs. Some women prefer their abayas to be plain black, while others may include colourful embroidery. Whichever be the case, black abayas have remained the the top of the list of popular abayas.

  1. Statement sleeves

Even the plainest of abayas turn into fashion pieces when statement sleeves are added to them. Heavily sequinned sleeves or pearls around the sleeve hem or extraordinarily large sleeves can add a lot of splendor to the abaya. Many women and fashion bloggers are seen in abayas with statement sleeves, which is why it remains on the list of popular abayas.

  1. Minimalistic embroidery

If you are looking for nice abayas for work or casual wear, then you can consider minimally embroidered abayas. Since light embroidery can be done on lightweight fabrics, you can pick chiffon, georgette or cotton abayas for regular wear or office wear. These materials are also light and airy, keeping you comfortable for long hours.

  1. Animal Prints

While the trend of animal prints continues to wax and wane, it is worn by many women and remains popular in abaya fabrics. Consider tiger stripes on a panelled abaya or leopard print around the hemline for a chic look. Animal prints look good on light fabrics as well as on velvet. If you are picking an animal print for everyday wear, then georgette or chiffon is a good fabric option. Velvet, however, may not be suitable for warm weather.

  1. Embellished fabrics

Embellishments in the form of sequins, beads and rhinestones are become very popular even in daily wear abaya designs. But even for special occasions, heavily embellished abayas can add a lot of charm to your beauty. Heavy embellishments may require strong fabrics like silk and velvet.

  1. Embroidered Necklines

Another popular abaya style is embroidered necklines. The embroidery can be in a thread or in pearls and sequins. Since necklines draw a lot of attention and can make or break the beauty of any dress, you must choose carefully. Daily-wear abayas are better suited with light embroidery since you may end up wearing them for long hours, especially if you work. Heavy necklines can be particularly difficult to handle for long hours. It is also more suitable to choose thread embroidery over sequins for your everyday wear abayas.

  1. Two-Toned

While single colours are nice, dual-toned abayas are becoming popular by the day. Contrasting colors or clubbing two pastels together can add variety to your abaya style. Dual tones abayas can either be panelled or you can use the second colour on the hemlines or in the chest area. You can also pick colors that go along with an existing hijab.

This is a list of the most popular abaya styles that you can try or include in your wardrobe. While some of these styles may be better suited for special occasions, most of them can be worn to the office or for casual meetings and lunches.

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