How To Match Makeup With Your Outfit

How To Match Makeup With Your Outfit

How To Match Makeup With Your Outfit

Makeup is a medium we use to prettify our faces; makeup boosts our confidence and gives positive energy. For every woman, makeup plays a vital role in their makeup arsenal. There are enormous numbers of makeup tools we can use to feel better. With the help of makeup, we can hide our imperfections and enhance our beauty. But if you want to make a bold and beautiful statement then, it is essential to match your makeup with your outfit. We mention some tips below that will assist you in matching your makeup with the outfit.

Focus on one feature

Choose a single feature of your face, such as eye or lip to intensify your whole face. Apply the colour that matches your outfit, to the selected feature only. But if you want to experiment with the makeup or you want to look audacious, then you can select two features of your face to highlight. For example, you can pick one colour for eye shadow and another one for lipstick; this will be ideal for a multi-coloured outfit.

No exact matches

It will look too deliberate if you are putting the same colour of your dress on all over the face. Stick with a single colour palette and strive to create new variations with that palate; you can go for darker or lighter, less or more saturated, etc. for example you can go for blue-black smoky eye shadow and a neutral lipstick with a bright blue dress, if you are wearing a red dress then you can go for neutral eyes and blood red lipstick. If you want to be soft with the makeup, then you can blend colours with their complements.

Know your stuff

Discover how to coordinate with shades and colours. We mention some tips below that will assist you to focus on some special elements.

  • Lipstick: It is always the showstopper in the world of makeup. Lipstick makes a statement and makes you look bolder and stronger. So it is imperative to plan a lipstick that will complement your outfit. If you are going for a bold colour dress, then you can pick a neutral shade or soft pink colour for your lips and if you are going for light colours in your outfit, then you can select orange, red, burgundy, dark pink, etc. colour for your lip just to draw attention at your face.
  • Eye shadow: Matching eye shadow with the outfit is one of the very difficult things to do. But there are certain ways in which you can pull your outfit and eye shadow together.

If you are going for a black or grey outfit, then you must go for a smoky eye you can add some such as the plum or brown to add a spice in your smoky eye look. Develop a general understanding of which eye shadow complements which colour. For example, purple works well for green eyes and golds is a lovely complement to blue eyes. 

Stay within the same colour family

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, then first choose the colour that suits you the best, and then choose an outfit for yourself. Mix and match the same colours to create an effect on your face. For example, you can go heavy on eyes and light on lips or vice versa, or you can choose a dark and a deep blush for the apple of your cheeks.

Embrace neutrals

If you want a feature of your faces such as lip, eye, or nose to make the statement, then tone down the other features by using a neutral colour palate. Go for muted and peachy colours on the eyes and cheeks and select a bold colour for your lips. Match the lipstick with the accessories such as earrings or bracelet.

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