Hairstyle Ideas that Suit with Lehenga

Hairstyle Ideas that Suit with Lehenga

Hairstyle Ideas that Suit with Lehenga

Weddings and traditional or ceremonial occasions call for ethic, chic, stylish and trendy lehengas. The attire itself is an attractive outfit and you can enhance your charm in a lehenga by wearing the right hairstyle. A lehenga is special because it is worn on important events; thus your hairstyle too should complement your special dress. You match your jewelry and footwear with the outfit but you usually never plan on what different you could do with your hair. We have some brilliant ideas on how you could style your hair with a lehenga.

The Bun

 One of simplest yet elegant hairstyle for your lehenga would be a bun. If you have small hair, you can always use an artificial bun. A beautiful bun is one that is secured properly in place. You could either pull your entire hair back in a bun, or you could leave a couple of strands here and there for a messy look. Adorn your bun with real flowers or traditional embellished bun pins.


This is a perfect hairstyle for those who have long hair. Well, long hair shouldn’t be much of a concern because you can add extensions to give your hair a longer and fuller look. Flowers and braid accessories are available in plenty. You also have beautiful parandi’s available if you are attending a Punjabi wedding. Remember not to overdo it.

French Braid in Front

Another impeccable hairstyle to go with a lehenga would be a French braid. You should braid your hair in the French hairstyle in the front – it gives a beautiful look. You can leave your hair open at the back. Decorate every section of the braid with a pearl bobby pin or floral rhinestone pins.

Retro Style Beehive

This is a classy look. It can be easily achieved by you in no time. You need a large bumpit to create a large puff in front. Cover it well with your hair and secure your hair in place with thin bobby pins. Leave your hair open at the back. Pull out thick strands of hair in the side and curl it softly. You can add beautiful rhinestone hair clips to give it a beautiful look.

Curly Up-Do

A curly up-do gives a graceful look. It is perfect for weddings and never fails to give you a classy look. This is a special contemporary hair style that gives a glamorous look. Large curls pulled up in a neat high up-do looks superb. Make a thick side partition in front and pull back the hair neatly behind your ear. It up-do is splendid and you don’t need much accessories to make it pretty. Instead, just add a single rose bud on one side – you are going to shine in your lehenga with this exquisite hairstyle.

Messy Loose Braid with Curls

Make loose curls from your hair and loosely braid it. You don’t need to secure it in the end just leave it loose. Pull out side bangs and straighten it if you have curly hair. Use flower bobby pins and place them carelessly over your hair.

Side Puffs with Middle Parting and Bun

Part your hair in the middle – keep it short. Use small bumpits to puff both the sides and the back. Pull your hair in a bun – you can use an artificial bun that has a pretty design. Accessorize the middle parting with a mang-tikka.

These hairstyles will suit all faces. You can improvise and add your special touch to these hairstyles to get a stylish and fashionable look.

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