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Things to Remember while selecting your Custom Stitched Bridal Gown.

Everything you need to know about BRIDAL GOWNS ! 

Once you have discovered your gown, get a pro to explore it so that it would fit your shape. Here’s what you should know before you take the step. Even if you have seen your BRIDAL GOWN and placed your signature to confirm official ownership, you still are not ready to descend the path yet. Several gowns need certain kind of change, and the work scope can differ significantly, based on the place you bought it as well as the number of alterations that would be made. Some custom stitched wedding gowns don’t have much problem that would need changes or amendments. We will show you some things you should know before getting your BRIDAL GOWN for your D-day.

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Let it fly! Give it a knot… Layer it using a dress that flows! 

Dubai Kaftans are a daily evolving fashion trend. Without doubt, KAFTANS have made a great come back in the fashion world! The Kaftans are the most adaptable attire ever to exist in our subjective outlook. With one or two layer changes and accessories, you can put up with it from relaxed chic to stylishly formal. Nevertheless, wear it and allow your thoughts to drive your preferences for styling.

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Kurti -

Must have KURTIS in your wardrobe to rock this summer!

KURTIS have changed the way today’s women feel, look and express. This stylish piece of clothing that may be categorized as western is now among the handiest and fashionable statement for ladies all over age barriers, as well as religion and size barriers. Whatever the occasion may be, a KURTI or tunic would become your knight in shining armor for it.

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Why Love KAFTANS: 5 Reasons You Should Know!

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Check Out The Reasons Why You Need To Add TOPS, KURTIS & TUNICS To Your Wardrobe!

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